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 Topics for the olympiad


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1. My free time.
2. Ukraine.
3. Great Britain.

1. Tell about a good book or a good movie you've recently read/seen.
2. What school subjects would you not study at all? Which ones do you think you should study more? Why?
3. Describe any day in your life, beginning with the moment you get up and ending with time you go to bed.
4. What would you tell about Great Britain?
5. Describe the most important events in your life.
6. What do you usually do when you feel happy? Do you prefer to share your happiness with someone else or would you rather keep it to yourself?
7. Discuss your favourite kind of sports.
8. Is English an easy or difficult language to learn? Is it important to know foreign language?
9.Describe your best friend.
10. What would you tell about Ukraine?
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Topics for the olympiad
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